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[Nobrainnogain] “Big data” can cause me to slap you in the face

(..) With many companies still not using their current analytics tools to their full potential, asking them to process this new ‘big data’ on top of everything else is a tall order.

Vendors would be well-placed to reassess the use of the term in marketing communications. They may well be deterring potential clients with the use of the term.

Alternatively, they will have to engage in significant education efforts which move away from “vendor hype” and actually deliver true understanding to their clients and prospects

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[Idea] Using Advertising Technology To Data-Mine Your Social Network To Help You Out

Big companies know a lot about you. They know if you’re pregnant. They know if you’re moving out of town. And they know if you’re starting a new job. Don’t believe it? A New York Times article from 2012 describes the eerie science of analyzing and extrapolating information from consumer habits.

Shlomi Aflalo, a veteran of that morally grey world of advertising technology, wants to use all of the data analytics methods he learned in the industry to do some good in the world. So he teamed up with Yishai Knobel, the former director of mobile health at Diabetes tech startup AgaMatrix, to create Helparound, a company that data-mines everyone in your Twitter and Facebook social network to figure out who can help you with whatever you need done–whether it’s a handyman to fix your toilet or someone nearby who has a spare painkiller.

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[News] DataXu Opens Black Boxes, Launches Marketplace For Ad Algorithms

In a push to demystify the black box world of programmatic trading, a major ad technology developer is creating a marketplace where advertisers, agencies and trading desks can shop for algorithms. The so-called Algorithm Marketplace, which is being launched today by demand-side platform DataXu, will start with a couple of dozen off-the-shelf algorithms developed either for DataXu’s internal operations or for specific clients, but will add new ones — about a dozen a year — over time, CEO Mike Baker tells RTM Daily.

via MediaPost Publications DataXu Opens Black Boxes, Launches Marketplace For Ad Algorithms 05/22/2013.


[Dataviz] Circle of Trust

The Circle of Trust is an interface data-visualization experiment using Google+ API and HTML5. In an effort to understand how asymmetric relationship networks are at Google Plus, the authors made a simple algorithm to visualize who are the people inside your circle of trust and who are the people outside.

Green are the people you have circled and they have circled you back, yellow is for people that you cared to circle but they didn’t, and red is for people that have circled you but you didn’t care to circle back.

You can map your network directly here.

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