[Business] Where It’s Been & Where It’s Going – excerpt from David Armano

Having lived and worked during the “Digital Media” and “Digital Business” era, I think we’re scratching the surface as we straddle the worlds between social media and social business today. While there are many similarities to the past, there are also several key differences. Today, digital has become embedded into the lives of millions of people and a generation who has never known life before it pours into our workforce and gradually rises in the ranks. Also, it’s worth noting that the above chart doesn’t suggest that any of the eras replace each other???rather they build upon one another. We are now in a social-digital environment where things increasingly move in real time. Tomorrow’s business models must not only be able to adapt to change, they must help drive that change. These are a few thoughts I’ve had percolating for some time. As a follow up to this post, I’m going to do a review of a very promising book by former colleague Peter Kim and co-author Dion Hinchcliffe (Social Business by Design). From what I’ve seen of it so far???it shows a lot of promise in terms of how a business should be thinking about these kinds of things. (below graphic pulled from the book). Would love to hear your thoughts as well.  </blockquote>


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