#BT #fail [You can screw 1.000 customers once]


Having broadband connection problems – from time to time, is
“acceptable”… I can reboot the hub, and voila…
But having constant broadband connection problems – like every five
minutes, for consecutive hours, everyday…. That is NOT acceptable. I
can’t stand having the hub lights flashing, going from orange to blue,
then orange, then blue.
I would not accept that for electricity, water, telephone… That’s
denial of service.
If the service I pay for is unever, then I have no trust in the
service and the company that is providing it, I feel screwed, as I
consider I’m not getting the value I expect, most importantly, I’m
less keen to recommend it….
Frankly BT, do you think we’re living in an age when you can afford that?
My first boss told me once: “you can screw 1.000 customers once, but
you can’t screw a customer 1.000 times”. Now, I’d even say: you can’t
screw one customer once.

Last time I called the customer service, you told me you were doing
works in my area.
I would have appreciated that you’d told me – in advance… If you
can’t provide the service I expect and pay for, I’ll be more willing
to understand if you warn me advance, apologize, give me a
compensation, offer me a solution… Frankly the works you are
performing are not my problem, I didn’t ask for them.

So it’s official BT, I hate you, i distrust you, I think you’re the
crappiest company I know at the moment, and I’ll be sure to tell
everyone I know.


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