[Brand Advertising] When is an ad impression not making an impression? When it???s not seen.

Pretarget Guarantees Your Display Ad Is Viewable within Exchanges

October 31, 2011/San Francisco, CA ??? Pretarget offers brand advertisers a guarantee that their banner ads are within view on a user???s screen ??? an Opportunity to View ??? in the ad exchange environment. Pretarget research indicates that approximately 89 percent of display ads load above the fold or appear after a user scrolls down, creating an opportunity for a user to see the banner. Pretarget???s position paper is available for download at http://www.pretarget.com

 ???You can???t click an ad that can???t be seen,??? Black Bag Advertising CEO Eric Yang said. ???This is the next best thing to guaranteeing that an ad was actually seen – at scale ??? without using a panel based, sampling methodology ??? or attaching eye-cameras to everyone.???

Traditional banner ad ???impression??? measurement and reporting simply verifies the number of ads that were sent by an ad server to a user???s browser. For a variety of reasons, this doesn???t ensure the ad ever rendered within a browser. What???s more, ads can load below the fold (requiring a user to scroll down), which means that most users will probably never see the ad unless they scroll down. In the worst cases, some ads load within 1×1 pixels and are never viewable impressions. Pretarget guarantees that an advertiser???s banner will display within the users screen ??? whether above the fold or after they scroll down.

Pretarget is leveraging the comScore-AdXpose display ad validation technology within all CPM based display campaigns to enable Opportunity to View (OTV) measurement.

???Providing validation that ad impressions render above-the-fold and are viewable to the end user enhances branding accountability to ad exchange and network environments,??? said Kirby Winfield, SVP, Campaign Validation, comScore. ???Viewability is also an important consideration for brand effectiveness measurement because it gives full credit to the lifts generated by the ads that were actually seen.???

Research from other organizations supports the Pretarget OTV methodology. Casale Media found that ads shown above the fold (opportunity to view) were seven times more likely to be clicked or converted upon than an ad shown below the fold [without an opportunity to view] (Ad Visibility Report, June 2011).

???It???s pretty simple ??? you can???t click, convert or buy from an ad you simply have no chance to see,??? Pretarget Founder & CEO Keith Pieper said. ???Until now, it???s like paying for a billboard that is hidden behind a large tree.???

Pretarget combines its View Guarantee with 100 percent site transparency and control across 14 real time ad exchanges. Additionally, Pretarget goes one step further by classifying each of the 50,000 unique sites into Safe RON, IAB Select or Comscore 1000 tier for a simple, brand-safe buy.

Good start but… above the fold vs below the fold is not a guarantee of visibility, measured visibility (from 0% to 100%) and duration of exposure counts… also in order to narrow the gap with TV KPIs, demo targeting and churn need to be taken into account. I’ve been telling this for years now, I know…


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