[Innovation] Kellogg’s joins with YouTube and glue Isobar for ‘taste-based technology’ – The Drum

Kellogg???s has launched a ???taste-based technology??? advert on YouTube for Rice Krispies Squares Totally Chocolatey today, created by glue Isobar.

The technology allows viewers to taste Kellogg???s Rice Krispies Squares Totally Chocolatey by simply watching and listening to a video. Launched through the main channel (on the homepage ad space) and on Spotify, users can experience the flavour directly through the TV or computer screen. The viewer???s sense of audio visual perception is reset using a complex sequence of images, which then stimulate the taste buds and convey the taste of chocolate.

glue Isobar worked with leading scientists to perfect this new technology, which transmits taste using advanced visual flavour frequencies, dynamic audio textures and electro-chemical impulses, all delivered via asynchronous screen technology.

Adam King, associate creative director of glue Isobar said: ???We???ve been perfecting this technique for a long time, but the flavour is now unmistakable. It???s amazing to be part of a genuine innovation of this kind.???

Bruce Daisley, director of YouTube at Google UK, said: ???We???re delighted to partner with glue Isobar and Kellogg???s to come up with this targeted tasting technology. It???s taking innovation on the YouTube homepage to a whole new level.???

The taste-based technology advert forms part of ???It???s all lies – they???re not even square!??? campaign.


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