[Connected TV] Audi launches UK’s first connected-TV campaign

Audi has launched the UK???s first web-connected TV campaign to promote its A7 Sportback range.

The car manufacturer worked with video ad network Smartclip, cloud-based connected-TV platform Woomi and media agency MediaCom to launch the campaign, which will see pre-rolls delivered across a range of connected-TV apps.

The campaign will run across connected TVs from LG and Samsung, both of which have tie-ups with Smartclip.

The ads have been targeted to content appropriate for the A7 Sportback demographic of upmarket men, including yaughting apps.

Audi is also to launch its own TV app, which will link to its website and aggregate all its existing Audi videos in one place. This Audi channel will be live from tomorrow through to 8 July.

Smartclip UK MD Sam Kayum said, ???This is the first ever connected-TV campaign in the UK that???s delivered across different web apps on multiple connected TVs.???

Last year Smartclip launched an ad server dedicated to running video ads on connected TVs in a standardised format (nma.co.uk 9 December 2010). This allows advertisers to use the same ad format and creative for campaigns that run across connected TVs and online.





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