[Food for Though] Analytics: it’s not about the math via Chief Marketing Technologist

If you want to be good about analytical decision-making, it’s not about the math.”

Yes, according to the Chief Mathematician, it’s not about the math, “It’s about the relationships.”

“The math person must understand the intuition and speak the language of the business person.” This is an asymmetrical relationship where the math person needs to have enormous respect for the business person, and the business person should have at least a little respect for the math person. The right models can help businesses compete, but models in the abstract have little value unto themselves.

A big part of capturing the value in analytics is being able to translate data into stories. “A lot of people can tell stories, a lot of people can work with data, but there aren’t too many at the intersection,” said Tom. “Without a story, you’re not going to influence a decision very much.”



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