[Food for thought] Remaking an Agency to Help Marketers Bust Through Silos | Agency News – Advertising Age

Ad agencies have lost a bit as they’ve become specialists in a given area. It’s become fragmented in how they support [marketers who want to] have multiple agencies working against specific products. What’s happened in this fragmented approach is you get bits and pieces of this through the multiple agencies you work with, and you’re forever trying to integrate an idea. Whether it’s a big organizing idea or principle or whether it’s a campaign or specific product launch, it’s become completely fragmented and frustrating for marketers. The roles and disciplines have changed for advertising agencies. We live in a very information-rich age. We not only should have people that understand how to design and produce great user interfaces but also who have a deep understanding of statistics and analytics and how to manage information and how to manage the consumer insights to benefit a brand. … And if you think about account staff, they need to be far more strategic than they are today. They should not be about trafficking and calendaring. They need to have a strategic understanding of the business. I would say they need to have some of those similar capabilities that you would see at a Bain, McKinsey or Deloitte.


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