[Community+Content+Commerce] Fan comments to DarkNight Rental on FB


Extracts here:

Go to hell with this geographical racism! Write something on my wall when you can offer something for me, you idiot!” (You can only view in US)

I have the DVD! ;-)”

a bit disappointed this isn’t high def.”

I watch Blu-Ray, thanks”

see..heres the problem…Netflix is $7/month CAD…now for 50 credits for $4.86 CAD, and with Netflix you can watch AS MANY MOVIES AS YOU LIKE for a WHOLE MONTH…so…for 1/2 the price of a month subscription to NetFlix, you can watch TDK.…” 


IMHO: some geo targeting would have been nice, targeting this feature/service to “non-fans” look-alikes (based on age/sex/centers of interest etc…) would have been smart to recruit a wider base (rach vs frequency), but big thing here is…what’s the value (monetary? usage? quality? nope)


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