[Data] New Estimate: Facebook Books $1.86B in 2010 Advertising; Muscles In on Google Turf –

The estimate adds weight to the leaked revenue figures that came out of the company’s recent funding round with Goldman Sachs, which could put as much as $2 billion into Facebook’s coffers without an IPO. Reuters reported that based on Goldman’s offering plan, the company had made $1.2 billion in the first nine months of the year, suggesting that an annual run-rate of $2 billion is a little high.

In last year’s estimate, Ms. Williamson said Facebook’s self-serve business hovered around 50%, but that that share has now increased to three-fifths of its ad dollars, showing that its growth has come in the vein of Google.

That doesn’t mean that Facebook is taking any significant market share from the search titan; indeed, Google makes more than $2 billion in advertising revenue in a given month. But Ms. Williamson believes there’s an emerging duopoly in the self-serve online-ad realm. The social network now accounts for almost 5% of total online-ad spending, and its share may increase to as much as 8% in 2011.


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