[via Helge Tenno] The future of the TV experience

What is most interesting, the future of TV or the future of the TV experience? Isn???t it the latter? Which is the stuff that is going to play out inside living rooms and from soft deep couches in front of TV sets the next five to ten years?

    (I was invited to pitch an article on the topic The future of TV. I wrote this and thought it was good enough to be put on the blog and hopefully spark some responses and further insights from readers).

    The future of TV is about what happens when TV content distributes itself to numerous new devices and new situations.

    The future of the TV experience discusses, and tries to find out how possibly the most social, powerful and engaging TV experience (the one that happens every evening in living rooms in front of television sets) will evolve the next five to ten years.

      1.It can be argued that a lot of TV content producers treat online as nothing more than a distribution tool for additional content, and work hard to make their experiences

    broader and longer ??? not stronger.

    2. Kevin Slavin argues that the traditional TV experience has an unprecedented and unbeatable advantage: creating events where hundreds of thousands or millions of people participate in the same experience at the same time. (Slavins presentation at the 5D conference added at the bottom of the post.)

    Think of it this way: Millions of people are willing to pull out their phones and vote on talent based TV shows. How do we get these same people to pull out their phones, tablets or laptops and get involved in an even bigger viewing experience?

    What would this demand from and bring to the design of TV and digital content experiences? And what would be the reward?

    5D Conference : New Television Pt 4 ??? Kevin Slavin from Dave Blass on Vimeo.


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