[Future of TV] Media agencies need to bring clarity to TV market, urges Walley via Media Week

Sarah Shearman,05 November 2010,1:15pm

Media agencies need to bring clarity to TV market, urges Walley

The rapidly changing TV landscape may be driven by technology manufacturers, but it is up to media researchers to bring clarity about the new advertising opportunities available, according to Nigel Walley, Decipher’s managing director.

Nigel Walley: managing director of Decipher
Nigel Walley: managing director of Decipher

Speaking at the Media Research Group Conference in Malta, Walley criticised leading technology device manufacturers such as Sony and Samsung, for being “shockingly poor” at delivering service and content propositions.

It had resulted in general confusion in the marketplace, with no clear coherent message being conveyed and often little help coming from trade journalists, he said.

Walley added: “We have had 10 years of having the internet plugged into the back of TV already. But what is actually happening is a subtle shift from internet on TV, to open websites arriving on the screens.”

Walley said that within this new TV ecosystem would be a “huge” host of new ad formats that the media community would need to solve how to measure, value and sell. Currently, these could be broken down into five areas: EPG ads, similar to display; ads on VoD; ads in PVR; ads on broadcast with new levels of interactivity, and apps.

He warned of a “big problem” for media agencies attempting to use the platforms at the moment, due to the lack of standard ad formats. He said no one had thought about the metric required to do a channel-supported ad campaign and a platform-delivered ad campaign.

Walley said: “The media industry has to drive clarity in the market right now about ad formats, and programme formats and technology.

“It can learn what the IAB did when they sat down and created a standardised set of ads.”
Drawing on Google???s YouTube, Walley said that TV was increasingly adopting web-like capabilities. He noted that in the future, TV would be delivered by both something broadcast and something broadband.

According to Decipher research, YouTube already played a very complementary role to the way TV was being consumed, because of its rapid take-up rate with people who were “non-techie”.

The whole apps culture introduced by smartphones like iPhones was also said to be arriving in the TV sphere, with Twitter and iPlayer apps already available via set-top boxes.

Other new forms of “TV” included viewing through popular global games consoles such as Nintendo Xbox and Sony PlayStation 3, which were currently in the process of repositioning themselves as “media platforms’, said Walley

He admitted: “We are still trying to work out how this sits together with audience segmentation. The TV industry is going to explode because of this, and our understanding of what devices people have in their home will have to be much more granular to understand behaviours.”

Walley remained upbeat about the early trends: “I take this as a positive, as many thought this [the explosion of TV formats] could have led to fragmentation and the breaking up of TV audiences. But the TV industry is taking ownership of all this and using it to it’s own end.”


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Dennis Vasilev – 05 November 2010

The guy is right, it’s a bit messy in the market, with different formats, but where is not, it’s a highly competitive market and it is normal that not a single player dominate with its standard.


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