[Now we’re talking] What could have looked Ikea video "the kitchen" if they used Plinkers ?

What Ikea video ?? the kitchen ?? could have looked-like if they used Plinkers ?

Ikea recently launched its campain ???Kitchen Party Advert??? on YouTube
The user feedback has been gorgeous. You can judge by yourself with the comments posted on the YouTube page. And it received also a very good echo in the blogosphere.
We do think also that the advertising idea is ???brillant???. We won???t tell that it???s not as, some years ago, we decided to focus and create a company entirely dedicated to that new marketing practice.
The benefits are many of them but the main advantages of that marketing trick are the following

  1. Create some product/brand awarness
  2. Create a more engaging experience with the brand
  3. Create direct ROI on products
  4. Create ads less intrusive and more entertaining

That marketing solution can be applied for brand content, branded content, and of course video monetization! By the way we organised Plinkers around those two different business models. Call us to get more details about that.
However, we have a ???bemol??? dealing with the current Ikea campain which has been committed to YouTube generic tools. Using those ???not made for??? dialog bubbles have been quite restrictive and offering a quite bad User Interface Experience.

  • You don???t really well find the links you can click on,
  • you have to catch the zone to click while the video is playing,
  • you can???t put as many tag as you want as the bubble size has to be huge,
  • the design is quite ???rough???
  • you are driven to another YouTube video instead of being redirected directly to the eshop.

In order to explain how we think that it could have been done with a more friendly and intuitive U.I we decided to remake that video integrating the Plinkers solution. We hope that Ikea will like that kind job we did for them.

By the way we integrated very much more hotspots, fixed some content mistakes and integrated a multi-country solution. By default your IP address is recognized and we display to you the content that matches to your country (UK, US, ES, NL, IT, GR, FR). But you fancy to try it, you can switch to another country using the Plinkers logo menu. Of course all the content is now ???dynamic??? and picked up from the Ikea eshops. That way are able to tell you when the product is ???out of stock???

We also integrated a ???Facebook sharing function??? and an ???embed code??? to spread it through blogs. By the way, it???s important to notice that the embed code offer you the possibility to embed the video player like usually but it also offers you the option to embed the video at this exact moment and with the bubble of that product already opened. This function is quite interesting if, for example, Ikea wants to show that product ???in-situ??? in that video.
Of course we have a whole additional palette of functions we could have integrated there but we wanted to keep some of them still secret to preserve some surprise for the future???

Here is the Ikea / YouTube version

Here is the Ikea / Plinkers / YouTube version ??? click pause to get more ! Enjoy it and do not hesitate to comment !

check the Plinkers demo…


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