[Food for thought] The price vs The value… What’s your pitch creative idea worth to the "client"?

AutoZone isn???t the only client to pull such a move. In the pastfive months, at least three marketers have sought to own all pitchwork in exchange for relatively meager or somewhat reasonable sums.Major League Baseball and Celebrity Cruises, for example, offered$10,000 and $50,000, respectively, for idea ownership. Meanwhile,Prudential Financial paid each of its three finalists $350,000 fortheir creative work, after its consultant, Ark Advisors, canvassedagencies to arrive at a ???fair??? amount, said sources.

Laurie Coots, global CMO at Omnicom Group???s TBWA and chairman ofthe 4A???s new business committee for large agencies, said the trendis happening for a simple reason: Clients know they can get awaywith it. ???A lot of people start out with the predisposition thatagencies are easy, that they???ll do anything to get in a pitch andthey???ll give away ideas and that sort of stuff,??? she said. ???So, alot of clients — who are smart, by the way — will ask forthat.???


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