[Data] People Love Watching Windows Phone Ad on iPhone, Blackberry – vid already ranking #2 after Old Spice

But here’s the punchline: Most people who watched the video, according to Visible Measures, did so on their mobile phones! And presumably those mobile phones were the BlackBerries, iPhones and Android phones from which Microsoft argues consumers need rescuing. (The data did not break out how many viewers watched the video while showering, in the bedroom or peeing at urinals.)

After phones, Facebook was a huge driver to the video, as people, including this Ad Age reporter, mocked friends and family for acting like the phone-obsessed in the spot. And this is just the beginning; expect Windows Phone spots to run everywhere in the next couple months. Marketing for the new line of devices will be “competitive” with the $100 million Droid campaign, Microsoft told Ad Age. Disclosure: Visible Measures advised Microsoft on the campaign, and also provided the data for this chart.


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