[Mobile] Microsoft Launches Mobile Ad Exchange | paidContent

Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) Advertising has released its Mobile Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7 and Microsoft Advertising Exchange for Mobile, which it claims is the industry???s first real-time, bidded ad exchange in mobile. While ad networks are still the primary vehicle for mobile advertising, Microsoft believes it can create an early niche. But more importantly, it hopes to encourage display ad serving for Windows Phone 7 app as it moves further into the mobile ad space that is already dominated by Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) and Google.

In a blog post,  Raj Kapoor, global director for product planning and marketing for Microsoft Mobile Advertising, said in addition to the company???s own sales force and adCenter ad marketplace, the exchange is partnering with several outside mobile ad nets, including Millennial Media, WHERE, InMobi and MobClix.

Microsoft???s ad exchange business has been fairly quietly trying to build up that service since it bought AdECN about three years ago. The introduction of the mobile ad exchange will likely be another small step as it works to begins to mount a challenge to Google???s established ad exchange with Doubleclick as well as Yahoo???s Right Media.

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