[Usefull] Trouble Synthesizing Corporate Speak? Try This Business Jargon-to-English Dictionary | BNET

Spend much time in corporate America and you???re likely to encounter any number of mind-numbing terms that require some translation. The first few times I heard ???boil the ocean,??? for example, I had no idea what it was supposed to imply. And based on the way I heard it used in a meeting last week, I get the impression that there are people out there who used their own imagination to guess what it means ??? and guessed badly. Boiling the ocean is never intended to be a good thing, folks.

If you work in a company with its own peculiar lexicon, perhaps you???ll want to bookmark Unsuck It, a site that defines a few hundred corporate-speak terms. Some are somewhat obvious:

Stop-gap = temporary solution

Vertical = industry

Webinar = Web conference

Some are a bit opaque:

Accelerated Emergence of High Maturity Behaviors = faster results

In-flight = active

And some are bizarre bastardizations of the English language which have no right to exist:

Brandactional = marketing

Net-net = in summary

Solutioneering = thinking

Does your company lean a little too heavily on this sort of jargon? Sound off in the comments ??? we???d love to share the joy (or pain) of your worst examples of corporate speak.


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