At E3, Microsoft Kinect Aims Straight For Apple, Google TV | BNET Technology Blog |

Video games are an afterthought here. What we???re really talking about is user interface, media control, Internet accessibility and exclusive content ??? the television multimedia dominion that is becoming the next battleground for Apple and Google.

Kinect will be available on November 4th for, critics suspect, $149. The question is if Apple and, later, Google will be able to penetrate homes as quickly as Microsoft. The XBox 360 already has a 42 million install base, a robust online community and, at this moment, the most cutting edge control system available for the mainstream. The Sony (SNE) PlayStation 3 doesn???t have the same user base nor is the Sony Move as groundbreaking, but Sony does have a dense multimedia catalog and, as of yet, hasn???t showed its cards at the big video game conference. It seems as though the war for the living room is only beginning.


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