[Data & Technology] Glam Media launches Google DoubleClick rival

Sara Kimberley, 10 June 2010, 08:55am

Glam Media launches Google DoubleClick rival

Glam Media, operator of women’s website network Glam.com, is challenging Google’s DoubleClick by launching its first ad serving platform, GlamAdapt.

GlamAdapt: Glam Media ad platform
GlamAdapt: Glam Media ad platform

The platform claims to provide brands with the opportunity to multi-target engaging ads for the first time across display, mobile, video, iPhone, iPad and smartphones.

It also aims to provide greater insight, deliver better ad opportunities and evaluation for all publishers and advertisers.

Glam is also launching an open “Advertising Apps Platform” that provides API’s with integration of ad technology and data providers. Launch partners include Admeld, Bluekai and Comscore.

Glam Media chairman Samir Arora said: “After years of trying to meet brand advertising goals using old ad platforms designed for clicks, Glam came to the conclusion that we needed a completely new third generation ad platform that was built for emotional digital branding.”

Rishad Tobaccowala, chief strategy and innovation officer at VivaKi, said: “Successful marketing combines art and science, emotion and data. GlamAdapt is revolutionary because it gives marketers and their agencies the ability to combine these worlds with ease while furthering technology innovation that is so crucial to the future of online growth.”




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