[Read] Connecting Online Ads and Offline Purchases: Two Approaches via MarketingVOX

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By exactly how much do online brand campaigns drive sales of these products in brick and mortar stores? The online advertising industry has tried to answer that question, but much to their client base’s dismay, have not really succeeded.

Now two new applications have just come to market that purport to bridge that gap.

VideoEgg and comScore

VideoEgg has partnered with comScore and its AdEffx ad effectiveness measurement platform, to introduce VideoEgg ROI. It is an online advertising measurement service for consumer packaged goods (CPG) advertisers that evaluates the effectiveness of their VideoEgg online rich media campaigns – by drawing a direct connection between online ad exposure and its impact on retail purchases.

Using VideoEgg ROI, CPG brands should be able to spot uplifts – or downticks – in retail sales by delving into consumer responses to ad units. (via Mashable) Data around online ad engagement is matched against data from comScore third-party panel data to make the promised correlations.

“Ideally, clients will even be able to use the platform to identify the catalyst for spikes in sales,” according to Mashable, which dubs the approach as having “merit” but whether or not it will actually work remains to be seen.


This month also saw the release of [x+1]’s CPGconnect, a digital optimization platform powered by Information Resources Inc., that also promises to link online advertising to offline purchases to determine the ROI.

The point is to target consumers most likely to respond to an online advertisement based on their actual purchase behavior instead of merely demographics.

For each campaign, CPGconnect analyzes the prior 52 weeks of purchase history from IRI Consumer Network panelists. Then audience segments are created for online ad targeting by duplicating the key characteristics of in-store purchasers in categories like “heavy loyals,” “switchers” and “price sensitive.”

[x+1] then purchases and executes the campaign’s digital media – which is not restricted to one online ad platform or web site. The campaign’s efficacy is measured by comparing the purchasing activity within the segment to a control group.


One thought on “[Read] Connecting Online Ads and Offline Purchases: Two Approaches via MarketingVOX

  1. extract from PR: Comscore; a leader in measuring the digital world, today announced a new solution, in conjunction with Information Resources, Inc. (IRI), that measures the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns in building sales of CPG brands in supermarkets, drug stores, mass merchants, convenience stores and other retail channels that are important to the CPG industry. The solution uses IRI???s Consumer Network??? household purchase panel to measure retail sales in all channels along with comScore???s ability to understand which panelists were exposed to online advertising. The solution will be integrated into comScore???s AdEffx??? suite of products that provides media planners with all the tools they need to maximize the ROI from their online ad campaigns, ranging from data for improved planning through to tools for smarter buying and finally the channel-wide measurement of campaign ROI that are the focus of this new service.

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