Testing GoogleWave with Mamamex

You know what: it’s pretty fun:

– first we started “collaborative tweeting”: ie: I invited Mamamex to my Tweety wave: the result is pretty ridiculous
but I love it: https://twitter.com/geekgirlgonebad

“mamamex is speaking english like a mexican cow, cause sorry, i’m french !
Bon allez suprime la wave Alex, sans quoi je risque de pourrir…”

The fun part is that I instantly got a tweet from @carys1

– then we tried Posterous, but with much more issues (network error): dropped it

– we’ve tested the “attach” function: works well for pix, and embedded videos, less for heavy files (.pdf, .mpeg)

First impressions: it’s fun, but… very slow, the interfaced “crashed” one or twice (ie.complete refresh of the page)
Features are pretty new, closer to real time conversation and mail… and can’t compare with IM or email alone.

It’s silly, but reminds me of my parents reaction when the discovered video conferencing;-)
Kinda magic




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